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A Young Adult Fantasy Novel
by Aaron Piper

Titus hates magic and with good reason.

Born into a murderous family more interested in magic power than properly raising a child. Magic has taken nearly everything from Titus. But, after cheating the lords of the Dreamlands out of the power to return to his body and banishing the entity possessing his body, Titus finally gets the chance to have the normal life he always wanted. That is, until an unknown classmate decides to visit him. 


When Tess visits the Fogg estate at the behest of her mother, she meets Titus’ uncle, a possibly immortal being, finds a book that allows her to see the Wyrd and magic. At first Tess is excited to be a part of the world she had never seen, but after an unknown assailant kills one of her friends using magic and steals a book that enabling them to summon more horrible creatures to the common world, she starts to see the dangers that Titus had long warned about.


In the end, Titus and Tess must solve the case of The Summoner with the help, and hindrance, of both Cerberus, the occult branch of the government who believes Titus to be a killer, and Shade, the often perverted entity that lives in Titus’s shadow, before more lives are lost.


cover art by: Aerozopher

Available now on Amazon


I am currently working on the sequel to Titus Fogg.

This is my mini Bio.

Aaron Piper, Author

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